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Typical Ad Sizes

We have laid out some typical ad sizes to show you what they look like.

REMEMBER…when someone hovers over your ad, it will double in size, so the larger your ad, the more detail will be seen. On the tab Place Your Ad you can see many popular sizes PLUS you can request your own size ad spot using our Ad Generator, a unique tool that will allow you to select an ad size to best displays your Business Opportunity.
You can also add animated Gif files for more impact (see the MLM category)
To explain the figures and ads seen here, first is the pixel size e.g 16x32
The 2nd figure is the box size, so in this example a 16x32 pixel ad is 1x2 ad boxes


16x16 pixels ad is 1 ad box

16x32 pixels ad is 1x2 ad boxes

32x32 pixels ad is 2x2 ad boxes

32x48 pixels ad is 2x3 ad boxes

32x64 pixels ad is 2x4 ad boxes

32x80 pixels ad is 2x5 ad boxes

48x32 pixels ad is 3x2 ad boxes

48x48 pixels ad is 3x3 ad boxes

48x64 pixels ad is 3x4 ad boxes

48x80 pixels ad is 3x5 ad boxes

48x96 pixels ad is 3x6 ad boxes

48x128 pixels ad is 3x8 ad boxes

64x32 pixels ad is 4x2 ad boxes

64x48 pixels ad is 4x3 ad boxes

64x64 pixels ad is 4x4 ad boxes

64x80 pixels ad is 4x5 ad boxes

80x32 pixels ad is 5x2 ad boxes

80x48 pixels ad is 5x3 ad boxes

80x64 pixels ad is 5x4 ad boxes

80x80 pixels ad is 5x5 ad boxes

80x96 pixels ad is 5x6 ad boxes

96x96 pixels ad is 6x6 ad boxes

112x112 pixels ad is 7x7 ad boxes

128x112 pixels ad is 8x7 ad boxes

128x128 pixels ad is 8x8 ad boxes

144x128 pixels ad is 9x8 ad boxes

160x128 pixels ad is 10x8 ad boxes

160x192 pixels ad is 10x12 ad boxes

192x80 pixels ad is 12x5 ad boxes

304x98 pixels ad is 19x6 ad boxes

448x144 pixels ad is 28x9 ad boxes

496x160 pixels ad is 31x10 ad boxes

448x288 pixels ad is 28x18 ad boxes

448x448 pixels ad is 28x28 ad boxes

560x960 pixels ad is 35x60 ad boxes

896x560 pixels ad is 56x35 ad boxes

208x64 pixels ad is 13x4 ad boxes

240x144 pixels ad is 15x9 ad boxes

288x96 pixels ad is 18x6 ad boxes

1344x512 pixels ad is 84x32 ad boxes


The secret to getting YOUR Business Opportunity noticed above others is YOUR image ad that you are displaying.
There are many ways to source and find your Business Opportunity ad image.
Google, just type in the search bar “Business Opportunities” and the click Images,
this will bring you up 1000’s of ad images you can use., another site where you can have someone design your own personalized Business Opportunity ad image for just $5
Another great site for your personalized Business Opportunity ad image is 20 Dollar 
Here you can choose to have made ANY Business Opportunity ad image you like. These can be very unique and stand out from other Business Opportunities.
The key to getting someone to click your Business Opportunity is a standout image, no nudity or obscene images….they WILL be deleted..