Different Opportunities


Q: Can I really place my Business Opportunity on the $1 Biz Club website for $1 for 12 months; it seems too good to be true
A: Yes you can just for $1, we have designed a website where the human input to load images is low, we have created a unique website for ANYONE who has a Business Opportunity that would like to advertise is around the world

Q: Is this a one off payment $1?
A: Yes and paid via the secure PayPal platform, or other payment solutions

Q: Why is it you ask for a larger ad image than the size I am booking?
A: One of the many unique features of our $1 Biz Club website, is when you place an ad, when a viewer hovers over the ad it doubles in size, so we need a larger image so it does not blur when enlarged.

Q: How often do you email out the Business Opportunity website? and what is the size of your email database?
A: We email out once per week, and the size of our email data base can be seen top right of our website. Our target is 1 Million viewers every month…and we are on track.

Q: Can I advertise ANY Business Opportunity regardless?
A: Yes there are no restrictions on the Business Opportunity you can advertises other than these
• Pornographic material or websites
• Pornographic photos of adults or children
• Any racists material or ads that contain racists remarks
• Advertisements that contain ANY form of cruelty to humans or animals

Q: Can I upgrade my Business Opportunity ad?
A: No, but if you have booked a ad spot for $4 or more you have you own back office that will allow you to change your Business Opportunity ad, URL, and 100 character Business Opportunity description. If you wanted to upgrade, just order another ad spot size.

Q: The ad spot size I book, it’s there on display for 12 months, correct?
A: Yes, we will notify you 1 week before it expires so you can renew your ad spot

Q: What happens if I have any questions or quires?
A: Contact us at contact@the1dollarbizclub.com

Q: Can I choose any Business Opportunity category?
A: Yes, we have 25 Business Opportunity categories that you can choose from, choose the one that best describes your Business

Q: What happens if I have more than one Business Opportunity to advertise?
A: You have 2 choices (a) you can book an ad spot of $4 or more, this will then give you your on back office where you can change you ad. (b) Just rebook another ad spot for the size and category you want.

Q: How does the Ad Generator work?
A: We know that not all Business Opportunity ads will fit into our standard ad sizes. With our ad calculator you can choose the ad size that best fits your Business Opportunity. It’s a very unique system, not only can you choose the size ad you want, but it will also show you the price.

Q: What is the 16x16 pixel box?
A: Our platform is built on a 16x16 pixel box ad. All of our ads are combinations of box ads, e.g 16x16 pixels. This make it’s easy for you request the ad size that you want. You can see by clicking the Typical Ad Sizes tab the range of ads that you can request.

Q: Is there a maximum size ad that I can place?
A: Yes, this is 84 boxes wide x 101 boxes deep, this would be a full page.