Property Opportunities

About Us

Our skills sets are the skills needed for the success of the $1Biz Club, they cover PR and Marketing, Internet Marketing,
IT programming, and web design, and above all the ability to “think outside the box

How It All Started

Early 2018 we set about looking at ways to help entrepreneurs, those that have a Business Opportunity to be able to reach out around the world to be able to offer their opportunity to those that are seeking a profitable business…we wanted to create the perfect match.

While social media and Facebook in particular offers a platform, with over 15,000 business opportunity groups it’s a case of “Can’t see the wood for the trees” There is just so much out there it’s hard for any opportunity seekers to really find what they want.

What was needed was a “Go to” website where both those WITH an opportunity could display their business to those that are looking. And we made some WE commitment

Our WE Commitments
1. We wanted to create a website where anyone with a Business Opportunity could share it around the world for $1 for a 12 month period. We know that $1 is affordable for anyone.
2. We made the commitment NOT to charge a monthly membership fee.
3. We wanted a self-loading website, easy to use with plenty of options
4. We wanted an easy to navigate website for the viewer, fun and easy to use.
5. We wanted to give the viewer the opportunity to connect direct with those that are offering the Business Opportunity
6. We made a mission statement to have 1 Million viewers every month, viewers that are seeking a Business Opportunity
7. We intend to offer the $1 Biz club members, tips, advice and interviews
8. We intend to use our skill set to make the 1$ Biz Club a “Go to” website.
9. We don’t need to be the biggest to be the best.

We intend to make the $1 Biz Club the No1 most visited website for those seeking a Business Opportunity